Bogey Hills Golf Course is the #1 Walkable Course in St. Charles!


Bogey Hills Country Club was originally designed by Wayne Clark in early 1900's then redesigned by C.H. Walters and Dennis Walters, over 54 years ago. During the ensuing decades, the course has been continuously enhanced under the watchful eye and stewardship of the Walters family making subtle changes to enhance shot values, conditions and playability. Featuring five sets of tees, Bogey Hills is truly playable and enjoyable for players of any skill level from tour professionals to juniors.

The course is in spectacular condition all season long! With beautiful waterfalls and spectacular views and abundance of aromatic flowers and majestic trees everywhere will certainly give you a moment's pause. Zoysia fairways spread out before Bentgrass greens that feature no grain and low cutting height, therefore, putting is true and quick. The greens are very rewarding of shots in the proper place, but unforgiving to those who are above the hole. Keep it below the hole is our motto! By the end of your round, you will be impressed with the beauty and excellent condition of the course. At the same time you will wonder where the shots you gave away went and you will be eager to go back out again and find ways to play the course better. When you do, you will find that like a fine wine, each round at Bogey Hills provides a different enjoyable experience.

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